Czech Masters – once again almost 200 entries

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Czech Masters – once again almost 200 entries

7 medalists from the last EMIC (2017) take part

April, sunny weather and 27 °C. Anyone who is thinking about umbrella drinks, swimming pool, Mallorca and reading book on the beach would be badly mistaken. These super weather conditions were ordered by the Czech crew organizing the Czech Squash Open Grand Prix tournament held in Prague on April 20.-22. Since the weather in Europe was at that time mostly cold and rainy, all players and their relatives who made it to Prague were already winners.

But players came for more than nice weather. They came for their portion of emotions, squash rallies, sweating, cursing, fair play, meeting old friends, as well as getting to know new opponents. All these explosives wrapped and delivered in 800 matches during 3 days.  

Only 3 players seeded as number 1. confirmed their seeding and won their titles so Prague was full of big battles and surprises, not to mention 3 categories won by unseeded players.

It starts to be a nice tradition that Prague hosts not only the biggest tournament from the ESF masters circuit but also attracts really good players. This year played in Prague 7 medalists from the last EMIC (2017) spread in different categories so players really had a chance to compare their skills with the bests.

But ESF Masters tournaments are not only about squash but are very much about meeting people, enjoying new destinations and attractions. Organizers prepared for Friday night boat trip on Vltava River overlooking some of the Prague top historical sites; Saturday night was traditionally occupied by the players’ party.

If good weather, entertaining squash, brand tournament t-shirts, party or boat trip wouldn´t be still enough to satisfy the players, the free refreshments available throughout the tournament, especially the tasty cakes baked by Denisa had to please even the last doubter.

Can Prague offer more or anything new in next years?

The tournament director Sonja Schwarzer together with her team (Renata Nejtkova, Denisa Linhartova and Heiko Schwarzer) is already preparing some important changes for next tournament including new official hotel closer to the venue, waiting list for players who didn´t meet the deadline but will get a chance to play by replacing late cancelation and some other organizational changes. Detailed information will soon follow directly by her.

Vive squash. J

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