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German Masters 2022 (SS)
Group:ESF Masters
Dates: to
Tournament link:German Masters 2022

07.07.2022. An update regarding the Germans Masters 2022 on behalf of the German Federation.

Entries are now open!

We are confident this tournament will take place. It is an ESF Masters tournament – the only Super Series tournament in the calendar. Important please note that this tournament takes place on Saturday, Sunday and Monday (not the usual Fri, Sat, Sun). The dates are 1st, 2nd and 3rd of October using the German bank holiday Monday 3rd October – German Unification Day, thus enabling local participants to take part without needing to take a day’s holiday from work. The tournament will take place in one venue in the famous Sportwerk, Hamburg https://www.sportwerk-hamburg.de/ with a glass court and a total of 15 courts. Obviously the local covid rules at the time of the tournament will apply.  As usual in tournaments in Germany all positions will be played out. Please note that, as in 2019 (with 273 participants), we expect to have to limit the entries. The team of Sportwerk and German Federation are looking forward to welcoming you again in Hamburg in October.

Up to date information regarding the tournament, including the invitation and the link to the online entry form can be found: https://dsqv.de/event/german-masters-2022/