Tournament Software

Please read the following instructions if you have received a license for Tournament or League Planner: 

Save the license file to your hard disk or an memory stick (you can not open this file yourself).

You can download the software here:

When you have finished downloading you can start the installation file.
Install the software by following the instructions on the screen.
After installation, start the Tournament / League Planner.
You can choose between 'View demo' and 'Register'. Selecter 'Register'.
You will now be asked for the location of the license file.
Select the file you have just saved to your hard disk or memory stick.
You will see a notification that you are now using the registered version of the software.
You can also watch the online instruction video. 

Other Support

Tournament TV is the perfect add on for Tournament Planner, League Planner or Team Sport Planner.

Tournament TV informs players and spectators about upcoming matches and latest results.

You can also display your own text, photos and sponsor logos.

The Tournament TV is connected to the Tournament Planner, League Planner or Team Sport Planner application via your local computer network.

Using this connection the match information is send to Tournament TV. All the changes are instant.

Online there is a Quick Start Guide available on the Visual Reality website

All the tournament information, matches and results published on the internet are also available on your phone or tablet.

Please contact the ESF office for further details.