ESF European Team Division 3 Championships Finals Day !

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ESF European Team Division 3 Championships Finals Day !

Slovenia women and Slovakia men ETC Division 3 Champions

The fourth and last day started with teams playing off for their final positions, which will determine the seeding next year.
Gibraltar's women were good hosts and gave way to the other teams by settling with position 9.
Their men's team ended the championship with a win against Latvia and position 13.

The first medal of the day was decided between Romania men and Italy. Bronze went to Romania, which makes this their best result ever.
The women's bronze match between Sweden and Italy was a replay of their pool match, and again the Scandinavians had the better end.

The women's final was also a replay of the pool match between Slovenia and Romania. The lineup was exactly the same, with each player facing the same opponent as on Wednesday. And curiosly, each match had the opposite result. Thus after losing on day 1, the Slovenians reversed the result to a 2:1 victory and claimed the title as ETC Division 3 Champions.

In the men's final veteran Marek Manik started with a 3:0 victory for Slovakia, which was levelled by Norway's Andreas Knoph who won 3:1. Norway went on to take the lead with Sindre Roaldsoy securing a win in five sets. But David Kubicek battled back and his 3:1 victory meant 2:2 in matches, but with 9:7 in games for Slovakia, making them the ETC Division 3 champions of 2023.


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