ESF European Team Division 1 & 2 Squash Championships - day one LIVE!

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ESF European Team Division 1 & 2 Squash Championships - day one LIVE!

Follow all the action live from the Squash Arena and Blue Point Sports Center in Uster, Switzerland. 

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2154: That's a wrap for day one! We'll be back with more live commentary in the morning as the pools are all decided. Read our day one round-up here. Set your alarms for a 0930 start tomorrow! 

2135: It's not to be for Switzerland, who lose 3-1 to France in men's Pool B. Simon Rosner comes from a game down to defeat Viktor Byrtus and seal Germany's 3-1 win over Czech Republic. So, France top Pool B with 2/2 and Switzerland and Germany are dead level in second place, both with 4-4 records.

After tonight's Women's Division 2 matches (remember it's two pools - one of four nations and one of five), Finland top Pool A after day one after a 3-0 win over Slovenia and 2-1 victory against second-placed Denmark. In Pool B, Germany and Poland both won their matches against Norway and the Netherlands so the neighbours will face each other on Thursday with the winner set to win the group.

2033: We do indeed have a shock! Dimitri Steinman has had one of the best days of his career. First he beats his coach Simon Rosner this morning, now he's produced what he calls "probably the best performance I've ever put together" to conquer France's Victor Crouin! Gregoire Marche has beaten Louai Hafez, so it stands at 1-1 in this critical Pool B tete-a-tete. Yannick Wilhelmi has taken the first game 12-10 vs Baptiste Masotti while Sebastien Bonmalais is one game up on 19-year-old David Bernet. This one's going to the wire. 

2002: Do we have a surprise on the cards here? In men's Pool B, Switzerland's Dimi Steinman is two games up on France's top string Victor Crouin, who looks well off his usual high standards. The body language is not positive from the world no.11. Luckily for France fans, Gregoire Marche is currently two up over Louai Hafez on court 6.

1923: That's a second 4-0 win of the day all wrapped up for England's men without much drama. The other men's match in Pool A in today's fourth session is still ongoing, with Spain leading Ireland 2-0 and Bernat Jaume and Ivan Perez both ahead in the remaining two rubbers. Meanwhile on the glass court, the fifth and final session of the day is about to begin: it's men's second seeds France taking on hosts Switzerland. Seats are already filling up. Germany face Czech Republic on courts 4 and 5 to my right, following the conclusion of Spain v Ireland.

1804: Currently on the show court we have Mohamed ElShorbagy about to take victory over Wales' Emyr Evans at 2/0 and 5-1 up as I type. Ben Smith is also 2/0 up on Rhys Evans, so it's so far so good for the English men. Spain are currently taking on Ireland in the other match in that pool. Live scores here

1757: BIG sighs of relief from Belgium as Marie Van Riet overcomes Stacey Gooding 11-7 7-11 11-8 11-7 to secure the second seeds' second victory of day one. That's two 2-1 victories for Belgium on day one and already one foot in the quarter-finals. Also in Pool B, Scotland defeat Switzerland 2-1 thanks to wins for Alison Thomson and Georgia Adderley. Here's the Pool B table. And here's Pool A after today's opening two rounds. 

1707: We have ourselves a shock! Nele Gilis, world no.4, is beaten in four games by Wales' Tesni Evans. At 10-9 in the fourth, Evans gets a stroke decision. Nele isn't happy but she has no choice but to shake hands. After Tinne's earlier victory, that means the result now all comes down to the third match, Marie van Riet vs Stacey Gooding. Crowds are already gathering around Court 5. The no.2 seeds are sitting uncomfortably. In Pool A, England have beaten France 3-0 with SJ Perry, Gina Kennedy and Lucy Turmel all through in three. That's 2/2 and just the start England wanted. Also in that pool, Spain have an unassailable 2-0 lead over Czech Republic. In Pool B, Scotland lead Switzerland 1-0. 

1610: Session three is upon us! It's time for the second women's pool matches of day one. On the glass court, England face France in Pool A and Sarah-Jane Perry has already put the defending champions 1-0 up with a three-game win over Enora Villard. Gina Kennedy v Marie Stephan is just beginning in front of me. In Pool B, second seeds Belgium are also 1-0 on Wales - Tinne Gilis beating young Ellie Breach in only 19 minutes - while Scotland are 1-0 up on Switzerland thanks to Alison Thomson.

1518: We're now halfway through day one here in sun-kissed Uster and the partisan home crowd have been waving their flags and ringing the cowbell! The reason? Dimitri Steinmann's four-game victory over Simon Rosner which earns a 3-1 victory in men's Pool B. On the two side courts to my right, France have taken care of Czech Republic in business-like fashion; Auguste Dussourd, Victor Crouin, Sebastian Bonmalais and Baptiste Masotti all winning in straight games. That looks ominous for the rest of Pool A.

Into Division 2 and we have news of wins for Denmark in women's Pool A over Romania and Poland in Pool B against the Netherlands, with Germany toppling Norway 3-0. Don't forget, both eventual finalists gain promotion to Division 2 for 2025, so stakes are high! 

1449: The marquee Muller v Kandra match does not go Switzerland's way with the German winning in four. However, back come the host nation with Robin Gadola and Yannick Wilhelmi both picking up wins. It's all on Dimitri Steinmann and Simon Rosner now. Incidentlly, Rosner is playing in his 18th European Championships (thank you Howard Harding!), having made his debut back in 2005! In the other Pool B match, France are currently 2-0 up on Czech Republic.

1350: Session three of day one begins and the crowds are packed in behind the glass showcourt with Swiss flags fluttering. Nicholas Mueller faces Germany's Raphael Kandra in a heavyweight battle in men's Pool B. France v Czech Republic (also in Pool B) also kicks off. Meanwhile, Wales v Spain is still not finished from session two although the result is in the book: Wales are 3-0 up with Emyr Evans beating Bernat Jaume in four, but Owain Taylor v Ivan Perez is going into a fifth...   

1255: Nice and easy for defending champions England who beat their near-neighbours Ireland 4-0 with both their debutants, Ben Smith and Tom Walsh, grabbing their first senior international victories. Marwan ElShorbagy and Curits Malik completed the job. I've just spoken to Ben (pictured below) who only got the call-up on Friday after an injury to captain Adrian Waller and had to cancel plans to play in the NSA in America to rush to Zurich! "It's been a crazy few days!" he said. Meanwhile, Joel Makin had to recover from losing the first game and facing a deficit in the fourth to grind out a 9-11 11-7 11-5 11-8 win over Spanish legend Iker Pajares Bernabeu. Elliott Morris Devred profited from an injury to Sergio Garcia Pollan at 2/1 down to make it 2-0 to the Dragons, with Owain Taylor v Ivan Perez and Emyr Evans v Bernat Jaume just starting.

1131: What a way to wrap up victory for France! 17-year-old Lauren Baltayan beats Icia Riveiro 11-7 11-8 11-5 and wins the final two points with absolutely perfect lob serves that clip the sidewall just below the out line and die totally unreturnable in the back wall nick. She can't resist a smile. France beat Spain 2-1 in Pool A and that wraps up the first session. No shocks so far as England, Belgium, Wales and France all takes early victories.

Next the men take centre stage. We have England v Ireland on the glass court (starting with  Marwan ElShorbagy v Sam Buckley) and Wales v Spain on Court 5, both in Pool A. In Pool B, it's France v Czech Republic and Switzerland v Germany. It's also Poland v Portugal and Israel v Austria in Division 2 in this second morning session on day one. Want to watch live streams and follow live scores? The links you need are all above.

1108: All done and dusted for defending champions England, as Lucy Turmel wraps up a treble of straight-games victories over Czech Republic. Belgium are off to a flyer too as Nele beats Georgia Adderley 11-8 11-8 11-2 to make it 2-0 over Scotland. Unfortunately for the host nation, they suffer defeat to Wales with Emily Whitlock and Tesni Evans both victorious in three. On the glass court, France did lead 1-0 but the top-string tete-a-tete between Marie Stephan and Marta Dominguez in Pool A went into a fifth, with the Spanish world no.60 taking it 11-8! So 17-year-old Lauren Baltayan v Icia Riverio will be a match decider...

Let's dip into Division 2: in women's Pool A, Finland are early victors over Slovenia, in men's Pool C Netherlands have defeated Norway 4-0, but in Pool B, Denmark v Slovakia is currently poised at 2-0 to the Danes.

1030: One of the most intriguing matches in this morning's Division 1 women's session is just beginning over on Court 4 with Nele Gilis meeting Scotland's up-and-coming Georgia Adderley, the world no.32.  As I type, it's 8-5 to Gilis in the first game, with Belgium 1-0 up after Tinne's earlier victory. England have sealed their expected victory over Czech Republic thanks to Gina Kennedy's 11-6 11-4 11-4 win over Karolina Sramkova. Lucy Turmel v Olga Kolarova is just beginning. Check out our rather funky live scores here.

1023: As day one begins in earnest, we must pay tribute to Filip Krüeger, who had been selected for the Swedish men’s squad for ETC Division 2 here in Switzerland. He was tragically killed three weeks ago in an accident and all teams paid tribute to Filip last night with a minute's silence at the opening ceremony. Our thoughts are with his family, friends and team-mates.

1000: We have our first result of the morning as England's Jasmine Hutton has taken care of Czech Republic's Michaela Cepova in straight games to get the defending champions off to a comfortable start. Next up is Commonwealth Games gold medallist Gina Kennedy taking on Karolina Sramkova, who is making a few waves on the ESF junior circuit. Belgium - hoping for their first ever title - are also off to a flyer with Tinne Gilis beating Scotland's Katriona Allen in straight games. On the next door court, Wales' Emily Whitlock is 2-0 up on Switzerland's Ambre Allinckx. Enora Villard has given France the lead against Spain, also a straight-games affair.

0930: We are GO! Here at the Squash Arena, it's the women up first in Division 1. We have France v Spain in women's Pool A on the glass showcourt with England v Czech Republic to my right on Court 6. In Pool B, it's Belgium v Scotland and Wales v Switzerland. The Swiss supporters are turning up the volume already - and I think I even heard  cow bell! The order of play on day one for the women is 2-1-3. For the men (who start at 1130 in Division 1 and who have four players per team), the order is 4-1-3-2.

0800: We are ready to rock and roll here at the Squash Arena in sunny Uster in the Swiss canton of Zurich. Twenty-three of our 46 Member Nations are here all vying for the title of European champions, or in the case of teams in Division 2, promotion to the top tier for 2025.

England are traditionally the dominant force at these Championships, winning 43 of the 48 men's titles (since 1973) and 40 of the 42 women's (since 1978). Over the next four days, we will discover if any nation is able to disrupt this extraordinary hegemony. Read our men's and women's previews here.

In men's and women's Division 1, we have eight teams split into two pools of four. The top two in each group advance to play-offs for each finishing position, with the bottom two relegated to Division 2 for 2025.

In Division 2, promotion is the aim for the 12 men's teams and nine women's teams, with the two finalists ensuring a place in Division 1 next year, while the bottom two go down to Division 3 (last month's Division 3 Championships in Bucharest saw Italy and Romania promoted to men's Division 2 and Ireland and Ukraine earn promotion in the women's event for 2025).

To set the scene for you, these Championships are being hosted at the impressive Squash Arena and Blue Point Sports Centre - both buildings situated on a huge sports complex a 15-minute walk up the hill from Uster town centre. The Squash Arena, which has a permanent glass showcourt flanked by six glass backs, also doubles up as a gigantic climbing wall (see below). The Arena will host today's Division One matches and some in Division Two, with the remainder of the Division Two games over at Blue Point just across the park.

Day one begins at 9.30am local time and it's an absolutely packed schedule of pool matches. Here at the Squash Arena, the women are up first. In Pool A it's France v Spain on the glass court and England v Czech Republic on court six, while simultaneously we have Belgium v Scotland and Wales v Switzerland in Group B.

We also have Denmark v Slovakia in men's Pool B of Division 2, Netherlands v Norway in Pool C and Finland v Slovenia in women's Division 2 Pool A. All of those matches kick off at 9.30am... and then everyone plays their second pool matches before the sun sets! Let's GO!

Live blog by Mike Dale

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